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Premiere: Super Silly bring the grit in ‘Hold Your Own’

Premiere: Super Silly bring the grit in ‘Hold Your Own’

Super Silly are a multifaceted four-piece that fuse R&B, jazz and soulful funk together with deftly original results. We cited them as one of the 50 best new Irish acts of 2018 last year.

The band’s genesis was born organically when they met through their church in Glasnevin which is something they have taken sonic influence from in the gospel and soulful undercurrents that run through their music.

Their new single ‘Hold Your Own’ is out tomorrow and it’s one of their strongest offerings yet.

Super Silly - Hold Your Own

A salient guitar riff forms the core of ‘Hold Your Own’, which is a welcome change in a genre usually saturated with synth hooks. This is complimented by the thrashing drums and a thick bass line that summon sure R&B vibes, but there’s also a heavier grit there that we haven’t heard before in their previous material.

The dense distortion in the drop down sections is sure to trigger mosh pits when they perform this live, while the vocoder drenched vocals and trapped high-hats have real electronic-leanings.

It’s a song that asserts Super Silly as a deeply innovative band who aren’t going to be pigeonholed by one genre or style, which is something we can very much get on board with.

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