, Premiere: Xo Mo’s ‘May’ is the R&B anthem you need in your life right now

Xo Mo are an Irish R&B and pop duo. The two members, Xona and Moe, each cover a different aspect of the band’s exciting new sound, with the former handling vocals and the latter handling production duties.

The group’s debut single ‘Sweat’ caught our attention in March of this year, with its blend of dark electro and pop.

‘May’ is the group’s brand new single, premiering on the site today. Even in the span of just a few short months, it sounds like the group have come on in leaps and bounds. ‘May’ is a cracking nu-R&B tune. Coming in at just over three minutes, the song is packed full of memorable moments and earworm hooks. Moe’s production is dense and vibrant and Xona’s vocal performance is shimmery and lush.

With so much potential mass appeal, it’s well worth keeping an eye on what’s to come from Xo Mo.

Xo Mo will be performing in Tengu at 9.30pm this Friday as part of Hard Working Class Heroes. Be sure to catch them.