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Primavera Pro’s programme today features performances from CMAT, Denise Chaila, Luz & more

Primavera Pro’s programme today features performances from CMAT, Denise Chaila, Luz & more


Primavera Pro, the conference and showcase wing of the festival has kicked off today in Barcelona and as well as people actually being in the room, the entire programme for the next few days is streaming on their site.

Today sees talks featuring journalist Liz Pelly and Nati Linares and Aly Gillani from Bandcamp discussing the new policies of streaming platforms to favour artists, drag-king Ken Pollet interviewing King Princess about performative masculinity in the mainstream, along with a talk about the importance of queer cultural structures.

Performers on the channel today include a heavy dose of Irish acts with CMAT, Denise Chaila, Luz, Basciville and RunoffBroke showcasing under the Music From Ireland banner along with Korean acts Haepaary and SUMIN. And if you miss the performances they are available to watch until Friday evening when the conference closes.

All times are GMT+1.

Timetable Primavera Pro Day 1

11:00 | Queer on stage and queer in action

12:30 | Basciville (IE) Showcase online on onps.pro 

12:45 | RUNOFFBROKE (IE) Showcase online on onps.pro 

13:00 | [too much text]: new social dynamics through audio

14:00 | Luz (IE) Showcase online on onps.pro 

14:15 | Denise Chaila (IE) Showcase online on onps.pro 

14:30 | CMAT (IE) Showcase online on onps.pro 

14:45 | Ginevra Nervi (IT) Showcase online on onps.pro 

15:00 | Hu (IT) Showcase online on onps.pro 

15:15 | Splendore (IT) Showcase online on onps.pro 

15:30 | New streaming platform policies to favour artists
17:00 | ‘Kings of pop’ and the new masculinities through music

18:10 | The Catalan Showcase by Radio Primavera Sound (Catalan Arts)

19:00 | JOINA (ES) Showcase at CCCB & online on onps.pro 

19:30 | Haepaary (KR) Showcase online on onps.pro 

20:00 | Ariana Abecasis (ES) Showcase at CCCB & online on onps.pro 

20:30 | SUMIN (KR) Showcase online on onps.pro 

21:00 | Böira (ES) Showcase at CCCB & online on onps.pro