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Raf Riley – ‘Summer’ Ft. Etta Bond, Avelino, Dun D

Raf Riley – ‘Summer’ Ft. Etta Bond, Avelino, Dun D

‘Summer’ is one of those songs that just comes out of nowhere. In fact, I don’t remember how I first heard it but it seems suitable for a sunny day rare as they are. Raf Riley is Rafael Greifer, a London artist who has been around a few years with affilations with a group called ExR which also featured Etta Bond who features on ‘Summer’ along with Avelino and Dun D. He has worked with Labrinth, Skepta, Elliphant and Naughty Boy among others.

Fun fact: he also likes to make comedy music and was also responsible for ‘Being A Dickhead’s Cool’.

Mr Carmack remix:


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