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R.I.P. Road Records

R.I.P. Road Records



A really sad day for Dublin’s independent music scene. Road Records is to close in the next couple of weeks. In an announcement on Thumped, Dave outlined numerous reasons for the shop’s closure including high rent, illegal downloading, online stores, recession and more. Read the full post.

What Dave and Julie have done in the last 11 years for independent Dublin bands cannot easily be replaced. It ws the place to go for Irish independent releases and sadly, that will no longer be the case. I can’t help but feel a slight bit annoyed with myself for not buying from them as much as I intended to in the past and I know others feel the same. I can’t claim to know Dave and Julie as much as others but in the last year, they have proved themselves as the nicest shopowners in the city centre. We really will not know what we had until it’s closed up shop forever. At the very least, I suggest we get in there and say thanks and buy some vinyl or CDs for the last time from them. Thanks and best of luck in the future to Dave and Julie.

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