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Róisín Murphy exploits herself in the ‘Exploitation’ video

Róisín Murphy exploits herself in the ‘Exploitation’ video


Directed by Murphy herself, it’s the video for her foreboding Latin-jazz tinged house single ‘Exploitation’ from her album Hairless Toys which is inspired by the documentary Paris Is Burning about New York ball culture.

Renowned for appearing in a number of ground-breaking videos throughout her career, Roisin made the decision to take up the director’s role too for ‘Exploitation’.

“As a grown up in this industry and someone who has always had a huge involvement in the visual side, it felt like it was time I took complete control of my image. I had a crystal clear vision for this video, after all I’ve had 8 years of collecting references and inspiration building up to it. It’s the story of an actress and a love affair. It’s about selling out, manipulation and exploitation within creative work and in a relationship. It’s ironic because as my own director I’m exploiting myself (if that’s possible) but I am manipulating you.”