, Roses Gabor & Sampha’s ‘Illusions’ is nu-R&B at its very best

Roses Gabor is a name you may not recognise off the bat, but there’s a strong chance you’ve already heard her work.

The London-based R&B singer has been keeping busy over the past few years, featuring on SBTRKT’s ‘Pharoahs’, their most popular song. She’s also spent plenty of time on the road with Gorillaz, performing as a vocalist. Here she is performing ‘DARE’ with the gang on the Glastonbury mainstage.

Now moving back to solo ventures, Gabor has teamed up with fellow Londoner and Mercury prize winner Sampha to produce ‘Illusions’. This love letter of a song is charged with sexual tension. Full of chopped synths and, of course, the two superb vocal performances, it’s everything great about the new school of R&B.