Ruthless Imagery is putting on a solo exhibition in the Fumbally Exchange


Chances are you’ve seen photos of your favourite Irish act by Ruthless Imagery.

When not on tour with Arcade Fire or running the Women’s Camera Club, Ruth Medjber is usually busy documenting live performances from the nation’s best musical talents.

A music photographer for over a decade now, Medjber has decided to put on her first solo exhibition in the Fumbally Exchange.

The exhibition, titled ‘Ruthless: A Decade Of Live Music Photography‘, will run from the November 23rd to December 2nd in the Fumbally Exchange. It will feature some of the photographers best prints featuring international artists like Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and Grace Jones as well as domestic favourites like Le Galaxie, Saint Sister and Ham Sandwich.

There’s a fundit page set up to help foot the exhibition costs. Whether you’re looking to grab a print of your own or just want to support a fantastic artist, head on over and give what you can.