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10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Luke Sharkey

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.


All Tvvins

Warm Crush

All Tvvins‘ new single is a vibrant pop anthem. The second release of the duo’s new material, ‘Warm Crush’ finds the group in fine form. The track is built upon a sleek groove, with a thick bass synth sound playing out a pointed rhythm. Lead singer Conor Adams steals the show with an impassioned vocal performance. Fair warning, the refrain for ‘Warm Crush’ will be stuck in your head for a long time to come.


Unit 1


Maya - Unit1

A brand new outfit from Portobello, Unit 1 make electronic R&B with an ear for fun. ‘Maya’ is named after the group’s previous vocalist, who sang on the original demo for the track. There’s a palpable vaporwave influence to the track, with lo-fi- synth chords padding out much of the mix. This is mixed with the R&B styled vocal performance, which is heavy with nostalgia and reverb. An easy song to lose yourself to and an impressive debut single.


Aislinn Logan

Wait On Me

Belfast-native synth-pop artist Aislinn Logan has come through with a golden single in ‘Wait On Me’. Now based in London, Logan has been releasing a slew of charismatic pop songs throughout. ‘Wait’ is genuinely heartwarming, filled with intelligent lyrical bon mots like “It’s the age of overshare and under care”. The airy synth lines work fantastically in tandem with the vocals, which layer atop one another, creating a call and response with one another. Synth-pop done right.


Caleb & Walshy

Terminal 27

A hip-hop duo hailing from Dublin and London, Caleb & Walshy have come through with a silky smooth rap tune on ‘Terminal 27’. A rich R&B backdrop provides the perfect platform for the MCs to wax lyrical on life and art. Creedence must be given to the production work on the track, which is bustling and warm, placing the listener in the room with the duo.


Danny G & The Major 7ths ft. Osmojam

Say When

Danny G & the Major 7ths // Say When feat. Osmojam (Official Video)

Time now for some lush funk. Danny G & The Major 7th’s ‘Say When’ is golden all over. Downtempo and mellowed out, the track features a guest appearance from Osmojam. Fans of Thundercat and even soul acts like Leon Bridges will find much to enjoy in the soaring vocal lines and swung bass grooves. The video for the uplifting tune features footage of the Repeal marches, something for all parties involved to be proud of.


The Comstocks


Newbridge natives The Comstocks released ’40ft’, their second single. A hazy indie rock tune laden with introspection and a sunny chorus hook. Lead singer and guitarist Cormac Dowdall handled recording and production duties on this one. Keep an ear out for the gorgeous slide guitar parts littered throughout the second half of the track. Another strong addition to Ireland’s indie rock scene.



Can’t Blame Me

Three piece punk band and Derry natives Touts up the anty on new single ‘Can’t Blame Me’. Awash with distorted guitars and half-screamed vocals, the track is two and a half minutes of unrelenting rock and roll. A driving drum rhythm pushes the song continually toward a climax point, one which is heralded by the youthful anger of the lead vocal refrain. Excellent stuff.


Pat Lagoon & RikShaw


Waterford MC Pat Lagoon returns to our Irish tracks list with his new collaborative track ‘Shining’, on which he shares vocal duties with RikShaw. It’s a very catchy trap track, one which suits Lagoon’s resonant voice. With a tight instrumental provided courtesy of producer LHK, ‘Shining’ is another strong release from an artist whose Agua Sippin EP remains one of our favourite Irish hip-hop releases of the year. We love the line about pronouncing Wi-Fi however you want to.


Neil Foster


Contemporary classical producer and composer Neil Foster has just released his LP Hiraeth. Its title track is a supreme song, seven minutes of blissful ambient electronica. Progressive and evolving, Foster delicately layers sound on sound, blending organic tones with subdued synth arpeggios. Strings and pianos interweave atop very crisp programmed drums. Sea swells herald the end of the tune, pulling you out of the trance you’ve invariably fallen into listening to it.



You’ll Never Make Me Talk

Dublin-based indie band Skelocrats caught our attention with the release of ‘You’ll Never Make Me Talk’. It’s the group’s first new material in over three years. An emotional track laden with sweet harmonies and an 80s inspired arrangement, Skelocrats verge on the theatrical with the very melodramatic hook on this one. Maybe a little rough and ready, but ‘You’ll Never Make Me Talk’ is full of personality and all the more charm for it.

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