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Scout Hardcastle feat. Meljoann – ‘Fetishes’

Scout Hardcastle feat. Meljoann – ‘Fetishes’


The name Scout Hardcastle is possibly a riff on the English synth man Paul Hardcastle (either that or it’s a close coincidence) and it’s the one chosen by Meljoann for her alterego project which features her vocals, songwriting and production.

‘Fetishes’ is the first single from Scout Hardcastle’s debut album, Masterkinder: Rainbows of my Mind coming on Boy Scout Audio, and features vocal, songwriting and production from Meljoann.

Where her own debut album Squick was politely described as “irish electro skwee funk”. Scout Hardcastle’s Masterkinder: Rainbows of my Mind album is forthcoming and is promised as featuring a wild array of influences “Wonk, House, 80s and 90s R&B/funk, Bass music, Noise, Ambient, Dance-hall, R&B Slow Jams, Old-Skool Rave, and Irish folk music”

Judging by first track ‘Fetishes’, the music is seductive minimal wave synth pop with Meljoann’s unique voice providing some alt-R&B style. Check out the video by Ceara Martyn featuring bin bag costumes and both Meljoann and Hardcastle, glitter and more.

'Fetishes' - Scout Hardcastle feat. Meljoann

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