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Secret Ecuadorian Friends!

Secret Ecuadorian Friends!


Nialler9 guest Mike here again to take you crazy kidz on a magical trip down memory lane. A massive urge to look at cheesy 90’s pop dance tunes gripped me in my hungover state this saturday afternoon, the brief fruits of which I shall now share with you lucky music fans.

First off we have what can only be described in lame clichéd terms as a “classic”: a sterling performance by German eurotechno mainstays Scooter, in the maddeningly likeable Friends. Notice how the tale of the friendship-loving girl seeking to elude the stifling repression of her straight-laced parents gracefully unravels over 3 and a half minutes to the glorious refrain of uber-commercial German eurotechno. Impressive stuff. H.P. Baxxter and the boys are still around apparently, their last album being “Who’s Got The Last Laugh Now?” in 2005. Check them out in the ISS Dome in Dusseldorf on the 1st of December, or in Chicago at the Congress Theatre November 26th. They are also on the interweb and myspace .

Scooter – Friends

Next up we have a peculiar, but similarly excellent offering in Sash!’s Ecuador. “Vamos en un viaje a buscar sonidos magicos – Let’s go on a journey to look for magic sounds” says the dodgy looking mock-hispanic dude to young Sash as he passes by an interactive ad for the tourism board of Ecuador. In he goes with our swarthy weirdo on a magical journey through three and a half minutes of breathtaking landscapes, a nice chick trying to dance retardedly like a bald eagle, and himself roaring Spanish in his ear. Another German eurodance master that’s still going strong, Sash! will be playing in Coventry on 6th of December and he actually has a U.K tour coming up in early 2007. Check out sashworld or his myspace for more details!

Sash! – Ecuador

Last but definitely not least, we have bangin anthem for ye: The Key, The Secret by Urban Cookie collective. In the video are the usual shots of the extremely attractive dancing lady interspersed by yer one singin away like mad, and some goofy mugshots of the duller, more male members of the band. Not as revolutionary as the previous visual delights then. But the tune really is something – ah the memories! Sadly, Urban Cookie Collective no longer exist – Rohan Heath (former associate of A Guy Called) seems to have hung up his headphones and drifted off into obscurity. If anyone has any leads, feel free to comment! Their myspace seems to be a fansite – worth a gander if your that way inclined anyways. Enjoy!

Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, The Secret

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