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Soda Blonde – ‘In The Heat Of The Night’

Soda Blonde – ‘In The Heat Of The Night’


Soda Blonde will release their debut album Small Talk on July 9th and the band have followed up the single of the same name with a new track from the album for us today.

“Small Talk touches on many things: indulging in the darkness, while also trying to derive some meaning from it; on having no degree; on the way I sabotaged multiple relationships, or let my parents down. It’s about looking for resolution and revolution in sex and politics. It’s about being abused mentally and physically by the people you love the most, and in turn, abusing the people who love you

Faye O’Rourke on Small TAlk

‘In The Heat Of The Night’ is the third track on the album and shows the band’s trademark gifts for melodically-driven songs of the heart.

‘The music possessed an attitude that I wasn’t familiar with as a songwriter. It deftly evoked the neon of night and brought Scorsese’s Casino to my mind. Our goal was to create a song that had everything we wanted to hear. It allowed me to write, uninhibited by the labour of self-analysis. It’s a song about conflict – and getting a kick out of it. The thrill of the fight.’


The band are playing The Great Escape’s online festival on May 13th.

Album tracklisting

  1. Tiny Darkness
  2. The Dark Trapese
  3. In The Heat Of The Night
  4. Swimming Through The Night
  5. Terrible Hands
  6. Try
  7. Holy Roses
  8. I Still Have Feelings For You
  9. Small Talk
  10. Champion Of My Time
  11. Love Me World
  12. Choices

You can pre-order the album here.