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Song of the Week – Feist – 1234

Song of the Week – Feist – 1234


I’ve been sick the last few days hence the lack of updates. Dizziness, headaches and hallucinogenic dreams do not blog posts make. The time confined to home has given me a chance to give Feist’s new album The Reminder a proper spin and if there’s any justice this album will blow her up in a big big way without compromising any artist integrity. We played “My Moon, My Man” when it was made available in March in our first Podcast but at the moment “1 2 3 4” has superceded that song as the tune of the album. Watch the bright, colourful and all dancing video. Liking the rugby scrum near the end!

You can listen to all of The Reminder on her Myspace


I’ve got LOADS of brilliant music to share with you all over the next week so stay tuned :)

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