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Squarepusher – ‘Drax 2’

Squarepusher – ‘Drax 2’

More new Squarepusher from new album Ufabulum. Business as usual = an orgy of bleepy schizo off-kilter but edifying synth nonsense and acid noise. Hit play and revel in the madness for seven and a half minutes. The noise explained by Tom Jenkinson:

“As a boy I had a Ladybird book about power stations that I used to re-read every day. I’m obsessed with electrical energy and especially in the vast quantities generated by power stations. The sound of the massive electric motor from a fairground Ferris Wheel has always stayed humming in my head and lots of my synth sounds refer to it, as they do in this piece. From there I tried to generate images of bizarre transitory phenomena that I imagined could be found in the huge furnaces of power stations.”

Previously – ‘Dark Steering’. A video interview Squarepusher did for The Creator’s Project.

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