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Squarepusher to release Damogen Furies album

Squarepusher to release Damogen Furies album

“Through this record I aim to explore as forcefully as possible the hallucinatory, the nightmarish and the brutally visceral capacities of electronic music.”

Tom Jenkinson will release his new album Damogen Furies on April 17th on Warp, his first since 2012’s Ufabulum. The album consists of one-take tracks, using a software system that he has developed himself around recent live shows. It’s a system which he has honed into a transportable one for live shows this year will feature Damogen Furies tracks but will morph and change as they are performed.

The press release says Damogen Furies will “intersect and interact” the two traditions he’s explored: jazz and dance music.

There’s a track from the album ‘Rayc Fire 2’ an uncompromising drill’n’bass acid number, available as a free download on

Squarepusher is playing Life Festival.


01. Stor Eiglass
02. Baltang Ort
03. Rayc Fire 2
04. Kontenjaz
05. Exjag Nives
06. Baltang Arg
07. Kwang Bass
08. D Frozent Aac

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