, St. Patrick’s Festival announce two gigs featuring Rusangano Family / Hare Squead & Music For 18 Machines

St. Patrick Festival have announced two gigs to take place around the holiday that will feature new and contemporary Irish talent from March 16th to 19th.

Both take place on Saturday 18th March at 8pm.

Young Blood

The Beat and Voices of our Generation @ National Concert Hall

Featuring musicians, poets, storytellers and rappers: Rusangano Family, Hare Squead, Kojey Radical and Stephen James Smith. (€18)
Tickets from NCH

Music For 18 Machines

@ St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One of the gig highlights of 2016 was Simon Cullen and Somadrone’s reimagining of Steve Reich’s minimal 1976 piece Music for 18 Musicians using 18 synthesisers instead of 18 musicians. (€18). Tickets from St. Patrick’s Festival