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Stylus Magazine to close

Stylus Magazine to close

Sad news for music fans today, as it seems online magazine Stylus is to stop publishing new content from October 31st. I’ve been reading the site for the last two years or so and it done more to make me think about how we listen to music in the 21st century, how we make music and recommended more music than any other zine but Pitchfork for eons.

I’ll miss the features most of all; Staff Top 10s, the typically hard Album Art Challenge, J-Pop will eat itself, On Second Thought but most of all Soulseeking.

The Soulseeking articles (mostly written by Nick Southall) were insightful articles which still give fresh perspectives on meta-music topics such as the current trend of over-compressed production, downloading music, sound diaries, liner note instructions, the act of listening to music and much much more. It’s well worth your time investigating the archives.

Stylus’ mission statement was “to convey the truth of how a writer feels about what they are discussing” and their staff of writers did it exceedingly well. Stylus, you will be missed. RIP.

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