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Sunday song: Hiatus – ‘Third’ (Max Cooper remix)

Sunday song: Hiatus – ‘Third’ (Max Cooper remix)

Stirring neo-classical electronica from London’s Max Cooper on a remix of Hiatus’ ‘Third’. It’s taken from his Amalgamations EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label and has been riding high in the Beatport charts.

Cooper (who played Trainwreck in Crawdaddy this weekend) had this to say:

I had a modern classical/electronica mix from a friend (JamBon) which I had been listening to a lot, and after a weekend away the original of this track was really stuck in my head. At some point I clicked that it sounded just like the style of another friend – Hiatus, and on checking, it was him! So I got straight on email to him asking if I could have the parts, and I even got started on the remix before they arrived by buying the mp3 and starting to lay some ideas around that – When it’s on I find it’s best to go with it. It was a really enjoyable remix to do given how beautiful the original parts are, my mix is quite similar really, as I couldn’t improve on it melodically, I’ve just tried to add some of my own flavour and twists.

There’s also a lovely video for the track by Spanish designer Vicetto which uses generative rendering techniques to tie the sound particles into the movement of the visual.

The B-side is a banging Get People rework: