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Support Upstart’s Dublin popup park on Fundit

Support Upstart’s Dublin popup park on Fundit

Dominick Street Aerial view

This is an extremely worthy cause. The Upstart Granby Park in Dublin city is exactly the kind of useful innovative creativity this city needs. Upstart will be taking over a vacant lot at Dominick Street lower and turning it into a pop-up park from August 22nd to September 22nd. The park will host free arts events, outdoor cinema & theatre performances, live music (in the amphitheatre as modelled below), educational activities and a pop-up café open to the public. Indeed, plans are tentative but I hope to host a Minimum Maximum gig there in September.

Upstart have been working voluntarily on the project for the last two years with the help of Dublin City Council, the community, planners, architects, landscape architects, designers and it’s about to happen. They need your help for the last hurdle via their Fundit campaign of €20,000 which will help raise insurance, security, health and safety and some material to ensure the popup park runs smoothly. Hit the Fundit page to help out before it closes in 4 days.