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Download: Alternative R&B singer SZA’s new EP

Download: Alternative R&B singer SZA’s new EP



Kicking your EP with a sample from one of the best songs ever – Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ is one way to get people on board. St Louis-born / New Jersey-based singer and Wu-Tang obsessive Solana Rowe aka SZA’s new EP just called S should slot in to the tastes of those of you who dig cloud rap and The Weeknd-style R&B. SZA is soulful rather than sleazy and prone to the odd eccentric line (“I apologise for waiting to tell you for so long that I am not human, I am made of bacon” – ‘Aftermath’) and employs the use of samples from Rosemary’s Baby and an Eartha Kitt documentary. Production is by Zodiac, Felix Snow, WNDRBRD and Patrick Lukens among others. The EP is a free download via Soundcloud DLs. Dig this: