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The 10 best tracks of the week

The 10 best tracks of the week


9. Murlo feat. Gemma Dunlovely – ‘Deep Breath’


The UK grime producer teams up with former UNKNWN singer.

The English producer Murlo (not to be confused with Rusangano Family’s Murli), has a new two-track EP called Jasmine coming out next week.

Gemma Dunleavy features on the two tracks. The Irish singer was recently one-half of UNKNWN until they split and before that appeared occasionally with White Collar Boy and Clu as a vocalist, so her appearance here has form.

Where her vocals were woven into the atmospheres of UNKNWN’s music, with Murlo, Dunleavy is the leader, delivering two soulful vocals with a pop edge over two songs that are anything but. ‘Deep Breath’ has a synth-string sinogrime style while the title track has a dancehall grime vibe to it.

The tracks are on iTunes.

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