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The best tracks of the week playlist

The best tracks of the week playlist

These songs represent my favourite new tracks of last week. Check the new music section. The new music playlist is available on Spotify and is updated weekly.

It features funk bassist and pop vocalist Alissia, a Frances/Disclosure collaboration, Cork and Cleveland combined on ‘Tales Of The Terrace’, Chris De Burgh’s son, soul claps from Deady, oriental R&B from Tsar B, Optimo’s J.G. Wilkes, Copenhagen newbies Chinah and an impressive turn from American singer-songwriter/producer Sonya Kitchell.

New music chart

  1. Alissia – ‘Take It Off’
  2. Polica – ‘Lime Habit’
  3. Kiasmos – Swept
  4. Frances – ‘Borrowed Time’
  5. Hubie Davison – ‘Sanctified’
  6. Chris Power x Atari Jones – ‘Tales Of The Terrace’
  7. Eoin Dolan – ‘Placid Ocean’
  8. Deady – ‘Clap Both My Hands’
  9. Tsar B – ‘Escalate’
  10. J.G. Wilkes – ‘Jaxon’
  11. Cinema – ‘Trust the Feeling’
  12. Chinah – ‘Minds’
  13. Sonya Kitchell – ‘Mexico’

Soundcloud version

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