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The Catchup Mashup

The Catchup Mashup

This is where you’ll find linkage to things that don’t fit anywhere else.

  • Bon Iver has a free live Myspace Transmissions EP for download.
  • I really should listen to more of Egoeccentric’s Hangover mixtapes. How about these few : David O’ Doherty, Chk Chk Chk, The Chromatics, loads more.
  • Matt Vinyl has a great B-sides remix podcast.
  • Aoife’s DIY special is up – It features Dylan from Hideaway House, Barry from Richter, Sinead from Magical Promotions and Niall from Hope Collective. Plus, some chancers (and subject of the next post) called Adebisi Shank.
  • Radiohead have a new remixes competition for ‘Reckoner’. Starting things off is Diplo, Flying Lotus and James Holden.
  • If you like Feedle’s track from the podcast, he has a free five-track EP available here.
  • I’ve been enjoying Why’s tour CD Almost Live From Eli’s Room. Rumour has it, it can be acquired on the internet.
  • Le Cirque is a new club night starting next Thursday night in Wax @ 11 and they have a blog too! Le Cirque is music, fashion, art and fun apparently.
  • Speaking of new blogs, MUZU have one too.
  • Anybody used Blip.FM? Any use?
  • Little Boots plays Crawdaddy on October 3rd.
  • The Messiah remix is back and this time the soundtrack is Pendulum!

Did I miss anything? That’s your queue for the commenting lark so.

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