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Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup in videos

Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup in videos

La Blogotheque joined Zach Condon and Beirut in Brooklyn to shoot an individual video for each song on the fantastic new album. At time of writing, we are missing two of the twelve full videos but here is a summary of the first six to help you digest The Flying Club Cup.

1. Nantes
A choreographed and rehearsed walk for Condon down a stairs in his old industrial building flat. Watch Zach descend the stair at first alone. At each stairwell, he is joined by other members of Beirut until they reach the bottom floor and the military drumming greets them. We are off to a “Flying” start.


2. Guyamas Sonora
In a dimly lit crimson doorway, only three of the playing members of the band can be seen. The camera pans through the door to first reveal the drummer occupying a rehearsal space. Gradually, we see the rest of the band in the room and the finale of one of the album’s most memorable songs is matched in a childish but effective way – by turning the lightswitch on and off repeatedly.

3. La Banlieue
As the members of Beirut pile past Condon sitting on a Brooklyn suburb step, the accordion player nods to the singer, signalling the start of the song. The band join in from the second floor of the building. Condon conducts the song to a finish and the accordion player joins the rest of the band upstairs. Condon turns on a dictaphone and we hear the piano outro of the song which he bequeaths to the step.

4. Cliquot
Featuring an appearance from Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear (taking the place of Owen Pallet in this haunting hymn), the camera perchances upon the band performing the song in a brightly-lit room.

5. The Penalty
A lone Condon, sans band. Adorned with only a ukelele, he looks distracted or shy as if missing something. The camera shot moves to the sky and finds rest on the other side of the road where Condon has already found what he was looking for – the Beirut Orkestar. He looks more at ease when they join him until the end.

6. Forks and Knifes (La Fete)
Through a Brooklyn bar they take us, passing through a games room where members of the band are playing pool but join in the party regardless. Into the backroom where the full band awaits. A game of ping pong is played during the song. It’s another cracker.

These videos are of such good quality and perfect for the album, that I, myself think that in time, The Flying Club Cup could supercede Gulag Orkestar. La Blogotheque must be commended for capturing such sumptuousness.

See the rest of the videos here.

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