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The Hype Machine 2.0

The Hype Machine 2.0

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The music blog aggregator The Hype Machine has rolled out a new version of the site today. It’s got a sexy facelift with a bit of colour for a start as well as some new interactive features. The big one is the ability to open an account so you can save the songs you want (by pressing a loveheart). This gives you a dashboard page with a “Loved tracks” and a “Loved Feed” for your favourite blogs. You can setup a watchlist to watch an artist, a search or user. A nifty inclusion for those with Twitter accounts is the ability to update your twitter when you love a song, search or a blog so you can let others know too.

Anyhoo, have a look how the Hype Machine now handles my mp3 playlist and then go off and find some music you never know you loved. Congrats to Anthony and friends who run the Hype Machine. Anthony stayed with myself last year while the Hard Working Class Heroes was on. We introduced him to Buckfast and in return, he showed us a new dance. It was beautiful 😉

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