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The Jimmy Cake in Vicar Street – this Friday

The Jimmy Cake in Vicar Street – this Friday


With Chequerboard! And Adebisi Shank! And a 15 piece band! Recession be damned! I ain’t gonna miss this. The Jimmy Cake would like you to register your intention to go to the gig by buying tickets in advance. Giving today’s wallet-tightening economic mindset, they are worried they might not get enough heads in to the gig. You can buy tickets here for a reasonable €20.

The band recently recorded a MUZU session featuring ‘Jetta’s Palace’ and a new song ‘Electric Domino Effect’. There’s an old interview from No Disco as well as vintage Jimmy live footage from John Kelly and Other Voices on their channel too.

The Jimmy Cake TV on MUZU.

(Via MUZU blog)

Elsewhere: The Jimmy Cake pick a mammoth Egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape.