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The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep


Fisher Price garage

I’ve had three strange music related dreams in the last three consecutive nights. The first one was involved Oxegen: now a wasteland, a warzone occupied by warring tribes using bits of stages and vehicles as projectiles on each other, while scummers ran around robbing the pockets of everyone else. I seemed to be living in the middle of it in car park -cum- apartment building much like those Fisher Price garages of yore (see above). There was a chillout area of course. No Pieminister though.

The second dream started with myself enjoying a round of golf only to be greeted by a festival stage on the 18th green. I was miffed as my round had been going quite well so despite Frank Black playing on said stage I took my approach shot regardless. It hit nobody but poor aul Frank didn’t take too kindly to being the target for my golf misdemeanors, so he picked up his amp and guitar and walked into the clubhouse, cutting me an almighty look as he did it. The organisers were pissed at me as I single-handledly cancelled their festival.

Last night’s dream wasn’t as exciting, it involved Deerhunter playing a gig in a bar in some Irish hotel and the whole band being as obnoxious as the Sex Pistols. All three of these dreams were extremely vivid and I’m fully aware that listening to someone tell you about a dream they had can be the most disconnected thing in the world (unless it’s like Sufjan Stevens hipster erotica “It Sounds Dumb To Say It, But He Actually Gets Me” – perhaps music blogging’s finest hour..). But fuck it, If you’ve got an interesting dream regarding music, let us know by leaving a comment!


Four Tet – Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions

[audio: Tet – Sleep Eat Food Have Visions.mp3]

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