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There’s an A/V workshop this Saturday at Mend in Harold’s Cross

There’s an A/V workshop this Saturday at Mend in Harold’s Cross

The popup cultural space Mend in Harold’ Cross is hosting an Audio Visual Workshop this Saturday with Conan Wynne aka Contour giving a practical demonstration involving:

  • A hardware analogue synth and drum machine rig with outboard effects combined with a digital recording interface and DAW (Ableton)
  • A spatial sound system consisting of an 8 speaker cube configuration second order ambisonic 360 immersive sound setup.
    Visually looking at a 4 screen setup using Resolume and Touchdesigner software for visuals.
    Kinect interactive sensors will be used to interact with the immersive system through skeleton detection and programmed to send control to the visuals and the audio simultaneously. A hands free tactile system is formed for composition or entertainment.

Equipment utilised include:

  • A Fender Rhodes electric piano, Leslie Rotary Speaker, a Roland Juno 106 polyphonic synth, Roland SH 101 mono synth, a Moog Rogue mono synth, Electron Analog Keys poly synth and sequencer, NAVA 909 extra 9 drum machine ,Yamaha sub mixer / Digital Oscilloscope / Omnichord / Portable cassette player / Vermona DRM 2 / RME Octamix and Fireface 800 / API 500 series rack box / Shadow Hills Vandergraph Compressor / La Chappelle Tube Pre 8 channel 2nd order ambisonic cube speaker array.
  • Video Setup – Touchdesigner and Resolume with Kinect Sensor array for motion capture triggering visuals and midi patterns
  • Computer is used to rout the audio between soundcards and provides additional sequencing and recording.

Tickets are €60 and available from Eventbrite.