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These are our 10 favourite new songs this week

These are our 10 favourite new songs this week


Here are the best new songs we’ve heard in the past week, tried, tested and ready for your ears.

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Ghetto Sage

Haagen Dazs

A mid-west hip-hop supergroup. Noname, Saba and Smino all team up to form Ghetto Sage. Unlike most supergroups, the band’s musical offering absolutely lives up to the group’s collective potential.

– Luke Sharkey


Denai Moore

To The Brink

Jamaican native, London-based vocalist and composer Denai Moore returns with new single ‘To The Brink’. A mid-tempo electronica track with vocals delivered via a nu-R&B aesthetic. The arrangement here is metallic and icy, with any real sweetness reserved for a larger than life chorus section.

– Luke Sharkey


Emily A Sprague


Taken from Ghostly International’s recent beautiful compilation Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark, Emily A Sprague’s ‘Mesa’ is a luscious slice of instrumental ambient bliss. Sprague is better known for her day job as lo-fi indie rock artist Florist but ‘Mesa’ transfers the intimacy and intricacy of her main work and projects it onto soaring modular synths that twinkle and convey an emotional depth that many lyricists could only dream of.

– Kelly Doherty



10,000 Feet

Yannis & co. return with the second part to Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. Part 2 is generally a more solid project overall, with a more tanglbile sense of structure and shape throughout the tracklist. After the very radio-friendly approach Foals’ last couple of albums have taken, it’s so satisfying to hear a couple of near 10-minute jams littered throughout the album. We’ve highlight ‘10,000 Feet’ here, one of the hardest hitting cuts off the record.

– Luke Sharkey


Easy Life

Nice Guys

British bedroom indie act Easy Life‘s new single ‘Nice Guys’ hears the band hone their radio-friendly appeal even furthered. Drinking all day, fucking all night set to some summer rhythms and bright synth chords. There’s a touch of a Toro Y Moi about the bassline on this one, a solid track overall.

– Luke Sharkey




Poolblood is the moniker of Toronto multi-instrumentalist Maryam Said. Signed to Shamir’s Accidental Popstar label and set to release her debut EP Yummy this November, Poolblood makes scrappy pop-punk straight out of a 90s indie movie. Lead single ‘Dreamer’ is a nostalgic bounce of fuzzy guitars, downbeat melodies and riotgrrrl-esque vocals. It’s a heap of fun and a wonderfully promising first single for Poolblood.

– Kelly Doherty



Nothing Is Safe

Clipping.’s There Existed an Addiction to Blood is easily one of hip-hop’s most outspoken projects in 2019. The trio takes no prisoners in an overtly politcal, unflinching statement on violence, race relations and much more. ‘Nothing Is Safe’ takes scientific objectivity in detailing what appears to be a drug deal gone wrong. “Death is coming for you, but you already knew that”. Set against a fatalistic (yet surprising catchy) synth riff, the oncoming disaster seems inevitable from second one.

– Luke Sharkey




After a brief break from releasing music, Cork hype band Happyalone. have returned with ‘LUCIFER’. The time away has done the trio well with ‘LUCIFER’ showcasing a far more refined sound and distinct character. Channelling emo aesthetics into a genre-fluid twist between rock and trap, Happyalone. sound nothing like anyone else around and, if ‘LUCIFER’ is anything to go by, they’ve got a big year ahead of them.

– Kelly Doherty


The Sweet Release Of Death


The Sweet Release Of Death’s playfully named new album The Blissful Joy Of Living is an unrelenting blast of authoritative noise rock that prides itself on sprawling tensions and sonically punishing extremities. Album opener and highlight, ‘Sway’ sets the piece in motion with a haunting wall of feedback that suffocates all it contains with the exception of Alicia Breton Ferrer’s constantly compelling and threatening vocals. Turn your headphones up and exorcise your demons with The Sweet Release of Death.

– Kelly Doherty


Floating Points


British producer Sam Shepherd (aka Floating Points) sports new album Crush & all the experimental synth work that fans have come to expect with it. While some of the contemporary classical elements throughout the project do work well, we’ve gone with highlighting ‘Bias’ as one of the heavier tracks off the project. ‘Bias’ doesn’t depend on its gloomy descending bass sound, instead infusing the track with a sense of energy and urgency via some fantastic breakbeat drum parts.

– Luke Sharkey