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ticktock – ‘Pastel Clouds’

ticktock – ‘Pastel Clouds’


Danish / England-based musician Sebastian Zieler goes by the name of ticktock.

‘Pastel Clouds’, from his his second EP, Fault Lines on the The Big Oil Recording Company label, is a song which harks bark to the early ambient post-dubstep style of James Blake and Mount Kimbie, maintaining a sprightly synth line throughout the song’s head-nodding rhythm.

Zieler told The Fader:

“To me, ‘Pastel Clouds’ feels like it takes place in a space between dream and reality. A calm flowing in and out of everything—on the border of sleep. The video was made by my friends in Brazil, Gleeson and Luciano. I had written Gleeson and asked if he would be up for making a video for ‘Pastel Clouds.’ They ended up getting a whole team together to work on it, spending a couple of days at the beach outside São Paulo to film. It’s a real labor of love and means a lot to all of us. Everything from color to movement and pace fits perfectly with the music.”

Fault Lines EP Tracklist

  1. optinoptoutoptnot
  2. Off the Map
  3. Pastel Clouds
  4. Stripped of Reuptake Inhibitions
  5. Everything Free and Perfect Forever