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From the “about time” dept. – Digital radio station get a look-in on 2FM

I’m delighted to see some of the Digital 2XM shows get a foot in the door at 2FM from this weekend. The shows on 2XM are broadcast via digital sets, UPC and online only but the quality of the shows have been terrific from what I’ve heard. I can’t comment on RTE Pulse, the digital dance station but they are also getting on air from tonight.

Of course, as a declaration – my girlfriend has a show on the station, Right Click Radio, but it’s great to see shows like DJ Gaz Le Rock, Two States, Wired For Sound etc get a go on real airwaves. From Sunday, six shows will each get to broadcast recorded 20 minute snippets from their show from 10pm until midnight and this is due to happen every week. Pulse’s slot starts tonight. The slots will alert existing radio listeners to the digital stations, and provide 2XM with a badly needed bit of on-air promotion.

Full details of the shows are here.

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