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Aoife O’Neill’s top 10 tracks of 2018

Aoife O’Neill’s top 10 tracks of 2018


Aoife O’Neill is a Cork-based DJ, host of the Out of Space music show on Dublin Digital Radio. who has had regular appearances on NTS Radio alongside Charlie Bones.

Check out her recent Red Light Radio mix.

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Haptic Controls – CMD

Lovely cosmic Electro. I love stuff that makes me feel like I’m in another world and this does just that!


Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics

Really enjoying this release from Alex Kassian. Inspired by his homeland of Japan, the record has some beautiful ambient numbers and the title track – a world music/house number is great for creating a moment on the dancefloor.


Kojaque – Eviction Notice (feat. Kean Kavanagh)

The instrumental pulls on my heartstrings and Kean Kavanagh’s voice is oh so lovely in this bittersweet number. Real nice work from the Soft boys.


The Altered Hours – Open Wide

Another Irish gem, this time from Cork based band The Altered Hours. I love their shoegaze sound and this is a great track with swirling vocals that build up to an intense climax.


Desert Sound Colony – Fast Life

Love the punchy Electro breaks and all the other bits and bobs that swirl in and out. A celestial number that gets the floor moving.


Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)

I enjoyed the original but this remix is particularly good. I remember it going down really well when I played it in the basement at Wigwam over the summer. The ambient outro is real nice too.


Cignol – Semiprimes

Top quality stuff from Lunar Disko crew as always. This release was fantastic – “futuristic electro/acid tracks to transport you to a far away realm of dreams.”


Matt Finnegan – Sunshine Children

I’ve been a supporter of Matt’s music for a while now, but this production is on a whole new level. He’s nailed the old school vibe and was so nice to here Ben UFO big it up on his Hessle Audio Show.


Breakage – Rudeboy Stuff

Yes Yes, more Jungle! Came across this in the car one day, it’s the perfect driving track when you’re going nowhere fast. I’ve yet to test it on the dancefloor.


Jon Sable – Alishan Forest Railway
One for the house heads! Dreamy synths flow over deep afro percussions perfect for those summer nights.

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