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Top 10 Tracks of 2017: Eamon Harkin

Top 10 Tracks of 2017: Eamon Harkin


Eamon Harkin is one half of NYC’s renowned party Mister Saturday Night with Justin Carter. He plays the Emigrant Disco in Tengu on Friday night. Here, the Derryman shares his top 10.

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Floorplan – Let The Church

I’m including this track even though I played it just once this year. That time was last Saturday at the first Mister Saturday Night at the indoors at Nowadays. The floor was full and super vibey and the place errupted when this was played. It felt as if all the work and obsession from the past 12 months to build the room and make it sound right came together in that moment. It was really special. So this record and that memory has been stuck in my head all week.


TYV – Miau!

A hypnotic combination of rhythmic, arpeggiated sounds from Brazil. Hard to categorize and all the better for it.


808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep remix)

I played this record so many times this summer from festivals in Europe to many a Mister Sunday. The synths and pads emotes perfectly for sunsets and drums and bass groove like a monster. The original is a classic and then Bicep bring their studio magic. Nice work boys.


Marcel Vogel – I Got Jesus

Another Mister anthem from this summer’s season. A perfect gospel rework by Mister Vogel on the always excellent Lumberjacks in Hell label.


Solitary Dance – Anything

I’m a huge fan of the Dark Entries imprint. Josh Cheon must be the hardest working label owner out there – he’s so prolific! I could have chosen any number of releases I bought this year but I picked Solitary Dancer as it’s a fresh cut and not a reissue. The sound still fits perfectly with that dark, broody machine funk that Dark Entries represents.


Pino Presti – You Know The Way (Tee Scott Disco Version)

Excellent reissue. Classic New York deep cut. The Tee Scott version is the one.


Dj Deep – Guardian

DJ Deep with a super well produced percussive number that gives a DJ so much to work with on a good sound system. It’s a fairly simple track but it grooves so well that it always gets the dancefloor working.


Burial – Rodent

The unmistakeable emotions of a Burial track but at his most dancefloor friendly form since collaborating with Four Tet. Killer.


Avalon Emerson – One More Fluorescent Rush

Avalon’s on fire right now. I’m a sucker for a good arpeggio and this is that and more.


Actress – Untitled 7

Moving into more home listening territory now. The Actress record was played a lot on the home hi-fi this year. I loved how he updated his sound on this one. An artist at the top of his game.

See all the guest selections of 2017 so far.