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Toygirl remind you to look after yourself on fourth single ‘Water’

Toygirl remind you to look after yourself on fourth single ‘Water’

The five-piece Dublin-based band Toygirl have established a palette of alt-soul pop over three singles thus far and their fourth, ‘Water’, out today delivers Hannah Worall’s sweet vocal lines over smudged soul and electronics with full band atmospherics.

Stuttering rhythm touches, deep low end and clearly ringing guitar tones combine on the track, with a message of looking after yourself.

I first wrote ‘Water’ during quarantine; I had just installed Ableton on my computer because I wanted to learn more about music production and had started to write a few different songs while I was getting familiar with the software. I think at the time, I needed a song that would be beneficial for me and my mental health as I was, like many of us were and still are, feeling a little lost during this uncertain time. So, I wrote the main hook for ‘Water’ to remind me to love and look after myself” 

– Lead singer of TOYGIRL, Hannah Worrall.

Toygirl are are a Dublin-based five-piece comprising Cork natives Aran Hopkinson (Bass), Ciaran Whelband (Guitar), Fiachra O’Mahony (Guitar), and Cian O’Leary Hegarty (Drums), and British / French lead singer Hannah Worrall.

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