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Trilok Gurtu

Trilok Gurtu

Super quickie here on the Indian percussion m.a.e.s.t.r.o Trilok Gurtu who is playing the National Concert Hall as part of the Big Bang Festival this Saturday 28th July for the paltry sum of €5. Worth it methinks. Basically this is a musician that has been knockin out some of the most inventive tabla rhythms solo and with a diverse selection of heads from John McLaughlin to Talvin Singh for over 30 years. His drumming style, explained in the clip above, is basically derived from seemingly complex and challenging Indian methods of rote, rather than more “orthodox” western styles; other unusual methods include discarding stools in favour of kneeling. Check out the festival profile of him here for more info. Below is a sample of his work with Singh, Zakir Hussein and others as the now defunct Tabla Beat Science. Big ups to Donnie boy for the video and the info.

Tabla Beat Science – Audiomaze


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