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Unconvention Belfast

Unconvention Belfast


Everyone in Belfast says Wee. Fact. I spent the weekend up there for Unconvention talking to some really enthusiastic people about the future of music. There was a real air of positivity at the Black Box for the event so it was great to meet all the artists, bands, industry people et al who were really interested in furthering musical growth in Northern Ireland. Big thanks and pat on the back to Rich Dale, Nick Fitzsimons and Tracey for having me and hello to everyone else I met. Next year’s should be even better. If you missed anything or couldn’t make it yourself, there’s recaps and videos and what not linked to from here.

Afterwards we went to Ikea and witnessed the theme park of furniture for ourselves. Objectum sexuals would have a field day and it wouldn’t be pretty.

The Grammys were on last night. Does anyone care? I do when good things happen and here is one: Radiohead with a marching band live: