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“Use the laughing bits as a tool to get at my genius”

“Use the laughing bits as a tool to get at my genius”


We’ve all met people like this. Those who are so obsessed with their own god-like genius that they are blind to the truth that their music is actually self-indulgent noise. ‘May Fame’ is a documentary about Giordaí ua Laoghaire, an electronic avante-garde composer from Cork. Throughout the years, Ua Laoghaire has been a part of the post-punk outfit Nun Attax, Microdisney’s guitarist with Cathal Coughlan and also founded his own avant-garde band Nine Wassies From Bainne in the early 90’s.

Over the course of the 42 minute documentary, Giordaí reveals himself to be a narcissistic, condescending, strange character out of step with the rest of…eh.. Cork. It gets hilarious & surreal in a Brasseye kind of way when we see Giordaí losing it in the studio, a councilling session with a previous documentarian, an awkward conversation with former band member Coughlan and naked frolicking in the back garden.

‘May Fame’ is directed by co-founder Colm Tobin and premiered at the Cork Film Festival in 2004.


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