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Video: Chequerboard – Prince August

Video: Chequerboard – Prince August


Awe-inspiring new video from Chequerboard by Swedish video artist Stefan Larsson featuring AUJIK cross-breed naturebots at an excursion at the Ishiyama dera in Japan.

A direct quote from Larsson after the jump.

Says the director:

“The artifacts are superfluous products generated in the crossbreed of human and technical evolution. They are in a state between resignation and euphoria,incapable of expressing themselves. The Ishiyama dera is a sacred Buddhist area and is most famous because of the novelist Murasaki Shikibu who wrote “The Tale of Genji”(the worlds first novel) there. Also Ukiyo-E artist Ando Hiroshige portrayed Ishiyama dera in his “The Famous Views of 60-Odd Provinces”.

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