, Premiere: Watch the Irish landscape-featuring video for Daithí’s ‘Mary Keane’s Introduction’

The new video for Daithí’s brilliant ‘Mary Keane’s Introduction‘, a song which features his 90 year-old Clare grandmother recounting her life’s love, explores the Irish landscape (Galway and Mayo) while very firmly taking a nostalgic hue through Irish symbols: St. Brigid’s Cross, coastlines, cottages (the one belongs to Daithí’s grandmother) and World War II outposts, some which were destroyed in storms.

It was directed by Conal Thomson. Daithí, who plays the Workman’s Club on Friday night (see the gig guide)

Dotted along the coast of Ireland, there are lookout posts built during WWII as a means for Irish soldiers to keep an eye on the sea. Unintentionally, they have made a kind of treasure hunt for amazing views of the coastline, most of which are so hidden that very few people know they exist. While shooting, we had a lot of fun searching for these lookout posts, some of which have been completely destroyed by huge storms.

This video was filmed at the lookout posts on the Galway and Mayo coastline. The house at the start is my Grandmothers house in Clare, who is also speaking at the start of the track.