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Walshy releases debut album – the “tripped-out tapestry” few beers

Walshy releases debut album – the “tripped-out tapestry” few beers

The Dublin artist Walshy has released his debut album few beers today.

Drawing from hip-hop, bedroom indie, dream pop sounds and beat productions, few beers is a 32-minute “tripped-out tapestry” of an album featuring collaborations with Curtisy (on the excellent ‘mm mm good (in the Cellar)’), lowkick, Domtavlor, Pager The Sloth, XO Lu, Superego and Caleb (who with Walshy have made tunes together).

“The project from beginning to end is a perfect map of my mind and all the directions it went in over 2020-2021.

I have created each track to link directly into the next, both sonically and in terms of their meaning (you will find parts of songs dispersed feeding into/out of various intros and outros). Certain tracks like “Just Walk Away” and “A note to all my friends, family and very few enemies” can seem like they’re messy and all over the place in terms of structure and what I’m singing about. This, generally, is how my mind works. I’m often thinking of multiple topics at a time, so I would rather capture that as accurately as possible in my production and songwriting.

…. The phrase ‘few beers’ simply reminds me of socialising, friends, family and comfort. There’s nothing big or drastic about having a few beers with loved ones but there’s certainly nothing underwhelming about it either. Although I’m fairly introverted, it became clear during 2020/21 that healthy socialising is a necessity for me. It can be difficult as an artist, continuously working on songs/projects with little in return. The encouragement I’ve felt after releasing songs over the past year has been a blessing.”


Listen to the Walshy album here:

More on Bandcamp.

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