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Washed Out – ‘Call It Off’

Washed Out – ‘Call It Off’

Washed Out’s debut album Within And Without was largely an overcooked and overproduced wish-wash of noise that didn’t grab or kick or punch but literally washed over you (sorry). This pulsing arpegiatted song, from the upcoming Amor Fati 12″ is more like the stuff from the earlier EPs that got me so into him in the first place. It’s out on November 14th on Domino with remixes from Clams Casino and Au Revoir Simone.

Download: Washed Out – Call It Off by Weird World Record Co

The A-side ‘Amor Fati’ was one of the better songs on the album:


01. A mor Fati
02. C a l l it O f f
03. A mor Fati [Clams Casino Remix]
04. A mor Fati [Au Revoir Simone Remix]