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Watch Æ MAK’s gas and giddy dance video for ‘hey driver (!)’

Watch Æ MAK’s gas and giddy dance video for ‘hey driver (!)’

Æ MAK - hey driver (!)

Æ MAK has been releasing songs and videos from the EP how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world, which is out tomorrow, September 18th, over the last month.

Between ‘I Dance In The Kitchen’, ‘forevermorereplay’ , ‘Wedding Day’ and this newest track, there’s a whole lot of giddiness at play here.

Add in a giddy dance video with the express purpose of silly dance moves and Aoife McCann is joined by Kavneet Kainth and Anyamanee Thungsombat in the fun ‘ hey driver (!)’ video by collaborator Tim Shearwood.

Aoife explains the origins of the video concept:

I made the “hey driver (!) video in the spirit of how I made every part of the “how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world” project. By trying to make myself laugh! I’ve always taken my work oh so very seriously but sweet lord who cares. This god awful time has pulled down any notions I had of myself and my art and this ‘ae mak world’ I’ve been creating and I just wanted to feel good and inspired and make others feel good and inspired. So I naturally focused on movement and colour – my two pals.

I spent the summer in my parent’s house out countryside. I placed myself in front of the mirror in their room and threw myself around to hey driver until I caught glimpses of movement that had me keeled over laughing. A kind of slap stick theme came into play and I gave each instrument its own move and formed a sort of clown like chorus dance that I couldn’t really physically execute but wanted. Colour wise – red, orange and yellow float around the song for me and it brings western, countryside visuals. I couldn’t afford horses, but we became them. 

The names of the moves say it all really; bird walk arms, bumble bee butt walk and casual horse rider were in there.

I tried to do out a storyboard but it was all just stick bird horse men. Useless. 

We are very lucky the family home is surrounded by sea, mountains and barley fields. I asked farmer Arthur’s permission for the use of his land for an aul music video there and he was very happy Templetown was going to be on youtube and very supportive of the weather being bright for us. Thank you, Arthur.

I would warn you not to try these moves at home and that everybody was harmed in the making of this movie and couldn’t walk or lift an arm for weeks.

Tim Shearwood shot, edited and co – directed it with me. His eye for the special cannot be beat. The dancers are my cousin Anyamanee Thungsombat and Kavneet Kainth, a pal from school. We died laughing coming up over that hill. Giddyup. 

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