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Watch Björk on The Colbert Report

Watch Björk on The Colbert Report

Music aside for a second, Stephen Colbert is a bit of a hero, the kind of person you want attending that fantasy dinner party filled with all the people you admire. He has been using his show, The Colbert Report, to hilariously highlight the stupidity of Super PACs (a puppet group that run ads on behalf of a Presidential candidate often run by his closest allies) in the States by starting one himself and raising $1 million dollars from the people who watch his show (“I got 99 problems but a non-connected independent-expenditure only committee ain’t one!” he said on his show). It’s political satire at its best.

Colbert is also a master interviewer able to walk the line between delivering one-liners, establishing fascinating discourse and squeezing his interviewee for laughs through his Republican persona. Watch his interview with Björk where they talk about apps, elves and art & Björk performs ‘Cosmonogy’.

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