Benny Smiles
Benny Smiles

Benny Smiles has given me one of my favourite tracks of the last month already with ‘Sunday Morning’ (below) but here in a turn into Rubberbandits territory, the Loud Mouth Collective producer combines with Ballz Deep (who wrote the lyrics and sings the tune) and goes for the art heads with an R&B jam about an NCAD Girl, that’s guaranteed to have Thomas Street buzzing.

“The afterparty is in Andrew’s Lane… Oh my god, the music is so amazing. There’ll be jizz and crunkstep, UK garage toolbox, grime, retro future cyberwave and a new minimalist techno from Berlin. It’s so minimal it’s actually silent… it’s so coooool..”

Benny Smiles is Ross Fortune from Wicklow and he was in the Gorgeous Colours at some point. He display his live looping live show at State vs. Loud Mouth Collective alongside The Notas and Mick. E Rawk on Feb 17th.

More tunes at Soundcloud.

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