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Watch the choreographed beach video for James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Rising Water’

James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Rising Water’ is a intriguing entry into album number three We Move for the musician.

With production by Drake producer Nineteen85 and a promise of more honest soul-bearing, McMorrow might be in a creative peak or the start of one. Today, the video for the track by David M. Helman debuted.

James says:
“I didn’t tell David what I wanted to see in this video, I just told him what the song meant to me and why I wrote it. Beyond that he was free to go with whatever instinct he had. The idea he came back with was perfect, it was everything I could have hoped for. To me, he’s made a video about the things we will do in order to move through loss. I’ve said this before, one of the bedrock ideas I built this album on was that dancing and heavy heartedness don’t need to be mutually exclusive things, that the response to sadness doesn’t have to only be slow tempos and minor keys. That’s the video David has made, one that reflects the absurdity, beauty, comedy and tragedy, of life.”

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