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Watch CMAT’s Bye Bye Birdie-inspired video for ‘Another Day (KFC)’

Watch CMAT’s Bye Bye Birdie-inspired video for ‘Another Day (KFC)’

CMAT - Another Day (kfc) [Official Video]

We introduced you to CMAT, the self-confessed global pop star also known as Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson and her sad-cry pop banger ‘Another Day (KFC)’ last month and CMAT also performed a highly entertaining Instagram Live stream for us too recently.

For the video for the song, directed by Elliot Ruddy, CMAT has taken her inspiration from the dance moves of Ann-Margret, and specifically this scene from the film Bye Bye Birdie, albeit with an extra sinister edge.

CMAT says:

“I love really manic dancing as a mind-clearing exercise. My queen of manic dance is Ann-Margret, who i have been copying since I was about 14 years old. I wanted to pay tribute to her and use her wild persona to beef up the unhinged elements of the version of myself that I’ve written about in KFC. Elliott Ruddy (the director) understood that  was performing for myself, made it bigger, and made something that in my opinion is funny, visually musical and special.”

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