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Watch Holly Herndon’s trippy digital video for ‘Chorus’

Watch Holly Herndon’s trippy digital video for ‘Chorus’


Holly Herndon’s music is not for everyone. It’s studious, probing and abstract. Her most well-known track to date, ‘Movement’ had a video that gave the song purpose. It’s the same here for the video for ‘Chorus’, a track recently released on 12″ through RVNG Intl.

Director Akihiko Taniguchi uses the mechanisms of modern technology (Skype, file windows, visual artefacts, 3D modelling tools) to create a quiet surveying of the average digital workstation, tilted and corrupted and then infiltrated by modern tools and panned around an odd digital trip. That you’re probably watching the video sitting at a similar desk is part of the point, but for the most part, this is just a wonderful juxtaposition of music and visual.