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Watch LCD Soundsystem’s 3 hour plus final ever gig in New York

Watch LCD Soundsystem’s 3 hour plus final ever gig in New York


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By all accounts from people who were at the show to those who watched the Pitchfork stream to those who tweeted about it early Sunday morning, LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden was a last show of epic proportions. Over three and a half hours long, a humongous 29-song set split into five sets (full list below) that took in every facet of the band’s career from the first album to the superb 45:33 Nike mix, to random songs like ‘Bye Bye Bayou’ and a cover of ‘Jump In The Fire’. Appearances from Arcade Fire, Shit Robot and comedian/musician Reggie Watts all attributed a celebratory bowing out to the proceedings. Of course, the best moments are LCD’s most cherished songs ‘Someone Great’ , ‘Home’, ‘All My Friends’ ‘Yeah’ and a stirring Twin-Peaks intro’d version of ‘New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ to end it all. Overall though, this was some last hurrah. A HELL OF A SET.

You can relive it all above. A torrent of the stream is here and an audio download is here.


Set 1:
2:10 Dance Yrself Clean (with “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc intro)
12:40 Drunk Girls
17:09 I Can Change
23:45 Time To Get Away
28:16 Get Innocuous!
35:18 Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
41:45 Too Much Love
46:53 All My Friends
55:30 Tired (with “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes snippet)

Set 2: (55:30 – 1:54.39)
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (w/ Reggie Watts)
Sound of Silver
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (w/ Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
Freak Out/Starry Eyes

Set 3:
1:54:39 Us v Them
2:04:00 North American Scum (with Arcade Fire)
2:11:45 Bye Bye Bayou (Alan Vega cover)
2:16:30 You Wanted A Hit
2:24:07 Tribulations
2:29:15 Movement
2:33:48 Yeah (Crass Version)

Set 4:
2:45:30 Someone Great
2:53:06 Losing My Edge (With “Da Funk” by Daft Punk snippet)
3:03:36 Home

Set 5:
3:15:53 All I Want
3:22:18 Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson Cover)
3:30:30 New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (with “Twin Peaks Theme” by Angelo Badalamenti intro)

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