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Watch Lux Alma & Miss Kate’s Immersive 360 VR video for ‘In The Place’

Watch Lux Alma & Miss Kate’s Immersive 360 VR video for ‘In The Place’

The Irish electro folk artist Lux Alma and singer/actor Miss Kate have teamed up on a whole creative endeavour, an experimental multimedia project, that includes a song cowritten by both, and a performance video presented in 360 VR, directed by Miss Kate.

The song ‘In The Place’ has growling dark electro synthesizer atmosphere with the artists comparing the track to “a Shakespeare Sister Stay vibe.”

It’s a pulsing banger where dark meets light, pleasure meets pain and exists in the glorious place between asleep and awake. 

The song’s liminal message gives way to pop melodies, and accompanies this 360 video which comes with advice for best viewing, watch on a mobile device.

When on YouTube app, Go to top right corner of video
– choose Quality > Advanced > 2160 (or highest option) 
Move device to find / follow the light (Landscape will give you a closer perspective )



VR Videographer/ DOP: Juliana Scodeler
Performers: Lux Alma ,MissKate
Choreography: Philip Connaughton
Costume: Kate Brennan
Styling : Thomas Kane Byrne
Producers : Kate Brennan (Deadly Films) Alma Kelliher
Post-production : Juliana Scodeler
Dancers : Aisling o Mara, Deirdre Griffin , Marion Cronin, Tarik Shebani, Nick Nickolau, Dmitry Vinokurov, Sarah Ryan, Robyn Byrne
Lighting Design: Conor Biddle
Location : The Complex
BTS footage Jack Olohan
Stills Photography/ camera assistant: Niki Pachosa, Dave Buckley