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Watch the new Le Galaxie ‘Love System’ video by Feel Good Lost

Watch the new Le Galaxie ‘Love System’ video by Feel Good Lost

Le Galaxie’s second album Le Club gets a regular rotation on my record player (in its sweet white vinyl form).

We’ve been living with ‘Love System’ for a few years of course, both in recorded and live form, but the song got a new saxophone-featuring version on the new album, and as a result, there’s now a new video for the track to go alongside Mark Duggan’s Point Break-style video.

The new video, as premiered with Billboard was directed by the VMA-nominated directors Feel Good Lost and takes a story of a couple in love (the girl lost in herself, the guy aggressively lost in her) you often see set in the US and moves it to Ireland so it features a Maxol garage featuring Dave from the band working behind the counter, Mega Meanies, an arcade, Anthony from the band getting a headbutt and a crap shipping container diner called “Deke’s Diner”.

Check out the video above and the Young Wonder remix of the track below:

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